Maribel Hernandez

was born in Michoacan, Mexico. At an early age she demonstrated irrepressible creative passion. By age four, her favorite rainy-day activity was to make spiral and doll-shaped variations of hop-scotch designs. By age 8, the young visionary was captivated for hours by watching waves of bird migration patterns in the sky. She received her first colored pencil set from her grandmother as a souvenir from her journey to “El Norte” (the States). This watered in the young artist a love for vibrant color in her creative expressions. However, these expressions did not land on canvas or an official sketchbook until after Maribel arrived in California.  Maribel’s continued use of vibrant color distinguishes her current style. Her work ranges from design (graphic, interior, and fashion accessories), photography, ceramics, and painting. In constant pursuit of color and diverse media, Maribel’s work speaks of her passion for life, with its various rhythms and emotional landscapes.  


If I could paint the world in brighter colors; I would, that is why I love to paint. Painting frees me to express the world I see and feel with added style and color. My art reflects this intuitive spontaneity in all its elements: color, style, shape, and design.  I also enjoy exploring different mediums, such as painting, ceramics, graphic design, interior design, and jewelry craft and design. Nevertheless, I do not confine myself to these methods in becoming a fulfilled artist. My current means of expression coupled with future explorations will allow a continuous reinvention of this sentient world as I become increasingly, creatively, fearless. I am an artist whose driving passion is to capture emotion and feeling beyond apparent aesthetic beauty.